Ahmed Gul Beg Mirza,

Ahmed Gul Beg /Mirza/
Birth of a sonMohammad Yar Beg Mirza
Birth of a grandsonHasan Yar Beg Mirza
Death of a sonMohammad Yar Beg Mirza
Shared note

It is not certain when Ahmed Gul Beg Mirza S/o Fazalullah Beg Mirza S/o Rahmatullah Beg Mirza migrated to Jallabad from Turkistan. It could be one or two generation earlier. Ahmed Gul Beg Mirza after the demise of his mother came to Delhi, and settled in Muhalla Farash Khana, Delhi with Mir Kasim. Mir Kasim was engaged in the trade of Horses and Elephants and he used to visit Jallabad frequently. Mir Kasim was either related to Asif Jah Ist or a friend, it is not certain. But it was known that when ever Asif Jah used to come to Delhi, he used to stay with Mir Kasim.Ahmed Gul Beg Mirza might have come to Delhi in 17th Century from Jallabad (Afghanistan) and joined the Royal Body Guards. He always use to have official horse with him.Ahmed Gul Beg Mirza was staying with Mir Kasim and the name of the Muhalla was the same as Mir Kasim. Ahmed Gul Beg M. married to Mir Kasim maternal niece. It was either in the end of 12th Century of or the beginning of 13th Century of Hijra. In the 15th coronation anniversary of Akbar Shah II (1221 - 1253AH - 1806-1837AC) Ahmed Gul Beg's signature as a witness to the Marriage of Grand Mother of Nusret Beg Mirza, Ameer Begum D/o Baraet Beg Mirza was seen.Ahmed Gul Beg Mirza was in the services of Royal House Hold for all his life, and in about 1845 or so, about 20 years before War of Liberation against English, died in Delhi. He is buried about 200 steps from the Mazar Shareef of Hazaret Baqibillah (RH).