Khan Mirza, 18311905 (aged 74 years)

Birth 1831 22
Death of a fatherMirza Shamsuddin Ahmed Khan
October 3, 1835 (aged 4 years)

Pen Name
Death 1905 (aged 74 years)

Family with parents
Birth: 1831 22Delhi, India
Death: 1905
Father’s family with Jani Begum
Shared note

Nawab - Famous Poet - Pen Name "Dagh"0 Nawab - Famous Poet - Pen Name "Dagh"0 @NI0724@ NOTE Nawab - Famous Poet - Pen Name "Dagh". NOTE Nawab - Famous Poet - Pen Name "Dagh".Dabeer ud Dawla, Faseeh ul Mulk, nawab Nizaam Jang Bahadur, Sipah Salar, Yar-e-Wafadar, Muqrib-us-Sultan, Bulbul-e-Hindustan, Jahan Ustad, Nazim Yar Jung, were the titles bestowed by the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad.He was born in Chandni Chowk in Delhi to Nawab Shamsuddin Ahmed Khan, the ruler of Loharu and Ferozepur Jhirka and Wazir Khanum, daughter of a Delhi jeweller and a dusky, beautiful woman. She was madly in love with the Nawab and married him, her second. His father was hanged under charges of conspiracy in the murder of William Fraser. Daagh four and his mother thirty four, the most sought after lady, wooed and remarried the Mughal crown prince, Mirza Muhammad Fakhroo, an heir to the last Mughal Bahadur Shah Zafar. Hence, Daagh had the privileged education at the Red Fort. There he received best of education and was later under tutelage of poet laureate, Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq. Later, He also took advise from Ghalib on finer nuances of Urdu literature and poetry. He was also trained in calligraphy, horse riding.Dagh, who belonged to the “Dabistane Dehli” (Dehli school of thought), was guide to scores of poets who sought his advice to improve their works. Among them was poet philosopher Allama Iqbal and the 6th Nizam.The 6th Nizam, Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, is ensconced on his throne with the nobles occupying their respective positions in the court.As everyone looks up at him, the Nizam recites a one-line verse and wants his courtiers to provide the other line to complete the verse.Sharab seeqh pe dali, kabab sheeshe mein (Poured the wine on the barbecue, the meat in the bottle).That was the uncomprehending one-liner. It was a challenge to the poets present. But try as they could, none could crack this puzzle.As everyone draws a blank, the Nizam's gaze moves to his ‘ustad', Dagh Dehlvi. The latter picks up the gauntlet and completes the seemingly senseless line in such a way that everyone is left speechless.Here is the completed couplet:Kisi ke aate hi saaqi ke hosh aiese udeSharab seeqh pe dali, kabab sheeshe meinDagh's final abode is in Hyderabad. Though thousands flock to the Yousufain Dargah in Nampally everyday, few know that the highly acclaimed Urdu poet is buried there.


Lo Ae But'to Suno Woh Daagh Sanam parast ~ Masjid Main Jaa K Aaj Musalmaan Ho Gay - Daagh Dehlvi