Quqaan Beg Khan Mirza,

Quqaan Beg Khan /Mirza/
Given names
Quqaan Beg Khan
Death of a childNaseerullah Beg Mirza

Birth of a childNaseerullah Beg Mirza

Birth of a sonAbdulah Beg Khan Mirza


Born in Samarqand, migrated to India most probably in the reign of Shah Alam Sani. He married in Delhi, had 4 dughters and 3 sons. He was under the employment of Moeen ul Mulk, Governor of Punjab in the middle of 18th Century. About 1878 he left Delhi and settled his family in Agra and was employed by Jaipur State.


Shah Alam gave Mirza Quoqan Beg the command of fifty horses with the necessary signs of office and the estate of Pahasu to maintain himself and his contingent.Mirza Quoqan Beg does not appear to have lived long after his retirement from Shah Alam’s service, which took place after the death of Mirza Najaf Khan in 1782. He obviously lived for some time at Agra, because according to Ameer Minai, the elder Mirza losing also his estate of Pahasu on ceasing to be employed in Moghul Army, went to Jaipur in search of employment. Since Agra was nearer his new venue for service, his family moved to Agra in 1787.